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New Innovation Technology was incorporated by a group of highly experienced visionary technocrats. The main aim of the company is to offer offshore software development, IT consulting, integration, implementation, customization, re-engineering and support service to the clients. Also the company has a strong focus on Research & Development, Marketing and Customer Support to encompass expertise covering analyzing, designing, development and implementation of various kinds of software products and services comprising all the streams and colors of industries. The company prides itself in saying that it has some really well trained and experienced software engineers who specialize in various technology areas who are able to fulfill all types of customized solutions for our esteemed clients. The company is based in Delhi NCR from where we provide all types of IT solutions to our clients worldwide. As far as services are concerned, there are plenty and that too that suits the particular requirements of the clients. The services that the company provides differ from short term resources to meet project or product delivery deadlines to long term relationships, offering dedicated offshore development centers for our clients.

The company makes sure that it fulfills all the applicable laws, rules, regulations and respect to every activity and venture that it undertakes. In this direction, it also makes sure that its senior management are also aware of all the associated decrees governing the company. The higher authority will extend their full co-operation to assure that works are done with the realm of law. We are the company that believes on the potential of their staff and feel that they are hands-on contributor to our growth and development. We also believe that it's our responsibility to help our clients assess the corporate culture as much as the job description, remuneration and advantages acknowledging that understanding the culture of an organization before working there is a great challenge.

We have a commitment towards innovation which relies on everyone being comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Working in New Innovation Technology is entertaining within a friendly atmosphere led through the interpersonal relations that each associate shares with one another. The company is run by some of the best professionals, mature experience in the industry and working with a team of technically accomplished and extremely creative, professional, challenging accepting individuals is a reward in itself.

We are innovating technology for our clients worldwide and through our customer centric structure and for long term relationship, we work extremely hard to maximize the productivity and efficiencies.

Smoother Schools

School Book, the integrated software application will be sufficient for accomplishing active running of schools. Our deeply tested and efficient software system will make easier administering for schools.

The Brains Behind

New Innovation Technology, Our school management system owns a strong client testimony for boosting productivity and efficiency of academic administration.

School Book

The latest version of School Book, with added features is all ready for free demo. This advanced version provides better stability and efficiency in managing school systems.

Our Vision

  • 1. Integrity and honesty.
  • 2. Passion for customers, for our partners, and for technology.
  • 3. Openness and respectfulness.
  • 4. Taking on big challenges and seeing them through.
  • 5. Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality and cost effective custom software development and IT consulting services to our clients. We combine a broad managerial expert with the large pool of extremely qualified software professionals to provide its superior and cost effective service.We work to help people and business throughout the world realize their full potential. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible.

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